Clergy Parking Permits


Clergy Parking Permits are issued annually to houses of worship for their clergy to park personal passenger vehicles that are designed for the use of carrying no more than 15 people, including the driver, when conducting ministerial duties at their houses of worship and at hospitals. Permits allow parking for up to four hours in No Parking zones adjacent to the house of worship and for up to three hours in No Parking zones adjacent to hospitals. Clergy qualify if their principal source of income is derived from officiating at or presiding over services of a religious corporation or association of any denomination. One permit is issued to a house of worship with up to three plates on the permit. Permits are issued annually and expire one year from date of issuance.

Legislation establishing Clergy Parking Permits was signed into law on August 14, 1996. Applications are available online or by calling the NYC Department of Transportation at (718) 433-3317.

Application Process

The religious corporation or association on whose behalf the clergyperson officiates must submit an application to the Authorized Parking & Permits Bureau with the required accompanying documentation. Such documentation verifies the house of worship's status as a religious corporation and that its location is used for religious services. Clergypersons whose license plate numbers will appear on the permit must submit documentation regarding vehicle registration and income sources. These documents include copies of the following:

From the House of Worship . . .

• Letter from Department of the Treasury establishing the religious corporation or association as tax exempt under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or New York State Certificate of Incorporation.

• Deed to the property or lease which demonstrates the religious corporation uses the property principally as a meeting place for worship.

• Certificate of Occupancy showing classification of the property as Occupancy Group F-1(b) under the New York City Building Code – OR, for religious buildings built prior to 1938 only, the block and lot numbers of the property.

• In the event that the address changes for the House of Worship, a Certificate of Occupancy, and deed or lease, for the new address must be submitted for review and approval.

From the Clergyperson . . .

• Title, registration or long-term lease for his/her passenger car.

• Insurance card for his/her passenger car.


NYC DOT Information Page on Clergy Parking Permits

Clergy Parking Permit Application



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