Alphabetic Index of Congregations in the Bronx

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Index Updated April 2, 2023

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Calvary Christian Fellowship  [10473]
Calvary Church  [10460]
Calvary Deliverance Church Assembly  [10451]
Calvary Lutheran Church  [10469]
Calvary United Methodist Church  [10453]
Capilla Evangelica  [10462]
Castle Hill Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [10473]
Centro Evangelistico Intl La Hora Decision  [10455]
Chabad of Riverdale  [10471]
Chapel of Restoration Redeemed Christian Church  [10456]
Charity Baptist Church of Christ  [10453]
Chieu Kien Buddhist Center  [10457]
Christ Alive Christian Center  [10470]
Christ Apostolic Church Mount Pleasant  [10460]
Christ Church Riverdale  [10471]
Christ Delight Ministry  [10452]
Christ Pentecostal International Church  [10457]
Christ's United Church of Christ  [10456]
Christian & Missionary Alliance Church  [10454]
Christian Church John 3:16  [10459]
Christian Prayer Mission  [10467]
Chua Thao Phuong  [10453]
Church of Christ in the Bronx  [10469]
Church of Christ the King  [10452]
Church of Christ the King  [10452]
Church of Deliverance Outreach for Christ  [10457]
Church of God at Crotona  [10469]
Church of God of Castle Hill  [10473]
Church of God of Soundview  [10473]
Church of God Woodycrest Avenue  [10452]
Church of Our Lady of Angels  [10468]
Church of Our Lady of Grace  [10466]
Church of Our Lady of Mercy  [10458]
Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel  [10458]
Church of Our Lady of Refuge  [10458]
Church of Our Lady of Solace - Saint Dominic  [10462]
Church of Our Saviour  [10458]
Church of Pentecost, USA  [10467]
Church of Santa Maria  [10462]
Church of St. Angela Merici  [10451]
Church of St. Ann  [10467]
Church of St. Anselm  [10455]
Church of St. Anthony  [10460]
Church of St. Anthony of Padua  [10459]
Church of St. Athanasius  [10459]
Church of St. Augustine/Our Lady of Victory  [10456]
Church of St. Barnabas  [10454]
Church of St. Benedict  [10465]
Church of St. Brendan  [10467]
Church of St. Clare of Assisi  [10462]
Church of St. Dominic  [10462]
Church of St. Frances of Rosa  [10466]
Church of St. Francis de Chantal  [10465]
Church of St. Francis of Assisi  [10466]
Church of St. Francis Xavier  [10461]
Church of St. Gabriel  [10463]
Church of St. Helena  [10462]
Church of St. Jerome  [10454]
Church of St. Joan of Arc  [10472]
Church of St. John  [10463]
Church of St. John Chrysostom  [10459]
Church of St. John Nam  [10467]
Church of St. John Viannay, Cure of Ars  [10473]
Church of St. Lucy  [10467]
Church of St. Luke  [10454]
Church of St. Margaret Mary  [10453]
Church of St. Margaret of Cortona  [10471]
Church of St. Martin of Tours  [10457]
Church of St. Mary  [10466]
Church of St. Mary Star of the Sea  [10464]
Church of St. Michael  [10475]
Church of St. Nicholas of Tolentine  [10468]
Church of St. Philip Neri  [10468]
Church of St. Raymond  [10462]
Church of St. Rita of Cagcia  [10451]
Church of St. Roch  [10455]
Church of St. Simon Stock  [10457]
Church of St. Theresa of the Infact Jesus  [10461]
Church of Sts. Peter & Paul  [10456]
Church of Sts. Philip and James  [10469]
Church of the Atonement  [10472]
Church of the Blessed Sacrament  [10472]
Church of the Good Shepherd  [10470]
Church of the Holy Cross  [10473]
Church of the Holy Family  [10472]
Church of the Holy Nativity  [10467]
Church of the Holy Rosary  [10469]
Church of the Holy Spirit  [10453]
Church of the Immaculate Conception  [10467]
Church of the Immaculate Conception  [10455]
Church of the Master  [10465]
Church of the Mediator  [10463]
Church of the Nativity of Our Blessed Lady  [10466]
Church of the Revelation  [10472]
Church of the Sacred Heart  [10452]
Circle of Christ Church  [10475]
City of Faith Church of God  [10467]
Claremont Park Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [10456]
Clason Point Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [10472]
Co-op City Baptist Church  [10475]
Co-op City Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [10469]
Co-op City Seventh-day Adventist Church  [10475]
Community Church of Jesus Christ, C&MA  [10457]
Community Church of Morrisiana  [10456]
Community Gospel Truth Church of God  [10467]
Community Protestant Church  [10469]
Concilio Iglesia A Dios Sea La Gloria  [10456]
Congregation Beth Aharon  [10463]
Congregation Mt. Horab  [10459]
Congregation Ohal Moshe Anshei  [10462]
Congregation Shaarei Shalom  [10471]
Congregation Sons of Israel of the Bronx  [10467]
Congregation Tehillah  [10463]
Congregational Church of North New York (UCC)  [10454]
Cosmopolitan Church of the Lord Jesus  [10468]
Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church  [10467]
Creston Avenue Baptist Church  [10468]
Creston Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [10458]
Cristo la Unica Esperanza  [10456]
Cristo Refugio Eterno  [10468]
Crossroads Tabernacle Assembly of God  [10462]
Crossway Christian Center Assembly of God  [10465]
Crotona Avenue Church of God  [10457]
Cruzada Evangelica y Misioners Church  [10456]

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