Alphabetic Index of Congregations in the Bronx

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Index Updated May 9, 2022

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Saints of Jesus Christ Church  [10456]
Salvation and Deliverance Church  [10460]
Salvation Army Bronx Citadel Corps  [10451]
Salvation Army Tremont Corps  [10457]
Salvation Baptist Church  [10456]
Samaria Evangelical Church  [10454]
San Andres Presbyterian Church  [10473]
Sanctuary Fellowship  [10461]
Santuario De Oracion (7h Day)  [10460]
Santuario Shekinah Assembly of God  [10457]
Sardis Baptist Church  [10457]
Second Bethel Assembly of God  [10473]
Second Christian Church Lamb of Zion  [10455]
Second Jerusalem Pentecostal Church  [10456]
Second Prince of Peace Baptist Church  [10458]
Second Samaria Christian Church  [10453]
Second Tabernacle Baptist Church  [10454]
Segunda Iglesia Pentecostal Abrigo Del Altisimo  [10457]
Segunda Mision Cristiana Rehoboth  [10457]
Seven Lights Baptist Church  [10457]
Sharon Baptist Church  [10456]
Sharon SDA Church  [10470]
Sheridan Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [10456]
Shiloh Temple of the Apostolic Faith  [10466]
Shout for Joy Baptist Church  [10473]
Shri Vishnu Mandir  [10462]
Siloam Pentecostal Church  [10472]
Sinagoga Pentecostal Rehoboth  [10452]
Solid Rock Church  [10456]
Solomon Temple Baptist Church  [10458]
Soundview Avenue Baptist Church  [10473]
Soundview Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [10465]
Soundview Presbyterian Church  [10473]
South Bronx Community Church  [10455]
South Bronx Garifuna Kingdom Hall  [10454]
Southern Blvd Church of God  [10460]
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church  [10469]
Spanish Evangelical Church (UCC)  [10455]
Spiritual Awakening Ministry  [10459]
Springgreen Baptist Church  [10471]
Spuyden Duyvil Congregation  [10463]
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church  [10473]
St. Ann's Episcopal Church  [10454]
St. Augustine Presbyterian Church  [10459]
St. David's Episcopal Church  [10451]
St. Edmund's Episcopal Church  [10453]
St. James Episcopal Church  [10468]
St. John AME Church  [10455]
St. John's Apostolic Faith Church of Christ  [10457]
St. Joseph's Episcopal Church  [10475]
St. Luke's Episcopal Church  [10467]
St. Margaret's Episcopal Church  [10455]
St. Martha's Episcopal Church  [10462]
St. Mary's Ghanaian Episcopal Church  [10453]
St. Mary's Orthodox Church  [10458]
St. Matthew AME Church  [10453]
St. Paul of Tremont Lutheran Church  [10457]
St. Paul's Episcopal Church  [10456]
St. Paul's Lutheran Church  [10462]
St. Paul's Progressive Methodist Church  [10472]
St. Peter the Apostle Greek Orthodox Church  [10463]
St. Peter's Episcopal Church  [10461]
St. Peter's Lutheran Church  [10454]
St. Peter's Lutheran Church  [10467]
St. Peter's Pentecostal Tabernacle Deliverance Ctr  [10459]
St. Samuel Cathedral Church of God in Christ  [10458]
St. Simeon's Episcopal Church  [10451]
St. Stephen's English United Methodist Church  [10463]
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church  [10470]
St. Stephen's Spanish United Methodist Church  [10463]
St. Thomas Aquinas Church  [10460]
Straightway Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ  [10459]

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