Alphabetic Index of Congregations in Brooklyn

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Index Updated May 9, 2022

— C —

Cadman Memorial Congregational Church  [11238]
Calvary & Saint Cyprian's Episcopal Church  [11221]
Calvary Baptist Church of Red Hook  [11231]
Calvary Cathedral of Praise  [11218]
Calvary Church of God  [11212]
Calvary Church of the Nazarene  [11212]
Calvary Evangelical Church  [11207]
Calvary Fellowship AME Church  [11233]
Calvary First Nigerian SDA Church  [11221]
Calvary Gospel Ministries Cherubim & Seraphim  [11208]
Calvary UFW Baptist Church  [11207]
Calvary United Church  [11203]
Cambodian Evangelical Church C&MA  [11226]
Canaan Missionary Baptist Church  [11221]
Canaan Refuge Church of Christ  [11221]
Canarsie Church of God  [11236]
Canarsie Community Reformed Church  [11236]
Canarsie Creole Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11236]
Canarsie Holiness Tabernacle  [11236]
Canarsie Islamic Centre  [11236]
Canarsie Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11236]
Canarsie SDA Church  [11236]
Canarsie Wesleyan Church  [11236]
Candelario De Oro Pentecostal Church  [11208]
Capernaum Baptist Church  [11207]
Carroll Creole Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11225]
Cathedral-Basilica of St. James Parish  [11201]
Caton Creole Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11226]
Cedar Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11237]
Cedar of Lebanon Baptist Church  [11212]
Celestial Church of Christ, New York Parish  [11237]
Central Baptist Church  [11216]
Central Brooklyn Spanish SDA Church  [11206]
Centro Cristiano de Restauracion Y Avivamiento  [11214]
Chabad House of Flatbush  [11230]
Chabad Jewish Center Prospect Heights West  [11238]
Chabad Lubavitch of Kensington  [11218]
Chabad Lubavitch of Manhattan Beach  [11235]
Chabad Lubavitch of Midwood  [11230]
Chabad Lubavitch of Sheepshead Bay  [11235]
Chabad Lubavitch of West Brighton  [11235]
Chabad Lubavitch of West Brighton Beach  [11235]
Chabad of Bushwick  [11237]
Chabad of Canarsie and Starrett City  [11236]
Chabad of Ditmas Park  [11218]
Chabad of Georgetown  [11234]
Chabad of Kings Highway  [11223]
Chabad of Kings Highway South  [11223]
Chabad of Kingsborough  [11235]
Chabad of Sheepshead Bay  [11229]
Chabad Park Slope  [11215]
Chabad Windsor Terrace  [11215]
Chabad-Marine Park Nachalas  [11229]
Chaim Vehesed  [11211]
Chamjohoon Presbyterian Church of New York  [11234]
Changing Lives Christian Center  [11207]
Chapel of Hope Redeemed Christian Church of God  [11221]
Chapel of Love Redeemed Christian Church of God  [11212]
Charity Baptist Church of Christ  [11212]
Chayim Vchesed  [11223]
Chebar Evangelical fellowship  [11203]
Cherubim & Seraphim Church Movement  [11233]
Chinese Episcopal Congregation  [11209]
Chinese Promise Baptist Church  [11232]
Christ Ambassadors Pentecostal Church  [11212]
Christ Apostolic Church  [11221]
Christ Apostolic Church #2  [11207]
Christ Apostolic Church of America Obadare Center  [11207]
Christ Apostolic Church of God Mission  [11208]
Christ Apostolic Church of the Americas  [11218]
Christ Church Cobble Hill, Episcopal  [11231]
Christ Episcopal Church  [11209]
Christ Fellowship Baptist Church  [11233]
Christ Fellowship Worship Center  [11212]
Christ Life Ministries  [11213]
Christ Lutheran Church  [11219]
Christ Memorial Holy Church  [11212]
Christ Mon Berger  [11210]
Christ Pentecostal Church  [11216]
Christ Temple Pentecostal Church  [11221]
Christ Temple United Baptist Church  [11223]
Christ United Methodist Church  [11220]
Christian Church of Canarsie  [11236]
Christian Community Alliance Church  [11226]
Christian Community Baptist Church  [11221]
Christian Covenant Ministry  [11226]
Christian Crossroads Ministry  [11212]
Christian Cultural Center  [11207]
Christian Faith Tabernacle Msry Baptist Church  [11208]
Christian Fellowship SDA Church  [11203]
Christian Gospel Ministry  [11203]
Christian Heritage Church  [11210]
Christian Heritage Church  [11210]
Christian Heritage Zoe Fellowship  [11213]
Christian International Catholic Church  [11207]
Christian Light Baptist Church  [11212]
Christian Ministries Fellowship  [11210]
Christian Pentecostal Church of God  [11211]
Church Avenue Church of God of Prophecy  [11203]
Church of Christ at Greenpoint  [11222]
Church of Christ Holiness  [11233]
Church of Deliverance  [11225]
Church of Fire Pentecostal  [11233]
Church of Gethsemane Presbyterian  [11215]
Church of God  [11221]
Church of God  [11203]
Church of God & Saints of Christ  [11208]
Church of God & Saints of Christ  [11203]
Church of God 7th Day (Pentecostal)  [11213]
Church of God Ecclesia Assembly  [11203]
Church of God in Christ #13  [11221]
Church of God in Christ Jesus  [11221]
Church of God of Brownsville  [11212]
Church of God of Cortelyou Road  [11226]
Church of God of East Flatbush  [11212]
Church of God of East New York  [11207]
Church of God of Greenpoint  [11222]
Church of God of Prophecy  [11203]
Church of God of Salvation  [11226]
Church of God of the Great Commission (Disc)  [11226]
Church of God of the New Jerusalem  [11226]
Church of God Power International  [11213]
Church of God Victory  [11238]
Church of Jerusalem  [11210]
Church of Jesus Christ  [11214]
Church of Jesus Teaching Ministry  [11203]
Church of Lord (UCC)  [11234]
Church of New Beginnings  [11233]
Church of Pentecost Brooklyn Assembly  [11226]
Church of Righteousness & Light  [11225]
Church of St. Mark  [11213]
Church of the Ascension Episcopal  [11222]
Church of the Children of Zion  [11203]
Church of the Evangel (UCC)  [11225]
Church of the First Born  [11212]
Church of the Holy Spirit  [11208]
Church of the Living God  [11213]
Church of the Living God  [11236]
Church of the Open Bible  [11203]
Church of the Open Door  [11216]
Church of the Open Door  [11201]
Church of the Overcoming of Sin  [11226]
Church of the Redeemer - Greenpoint  [11222]
Church on the Hill Church of God in Christ  [11213]
City of Faith Church of God  [11203]
City View Baptist Church  [11226]
Clarendon Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11203]
Clarendon Road Church of the C&M Alliance  [11203]
Clarkson Avenue Church of God  [11212]
Clinton Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11216]
Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph-St. Teresa de Avila  [11238]
Columbia Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11231]
Comforting Church of Christ  [11224]
Coming of Jesus Baptist Church of Love  [11216]
Community Christian Church of New York (Disc)  [11203]
Community Evangelical Bible Center  [11208]
Community Evangelist Bible Church  [11221]
Community of Faith Family Worship Center  [11212]
Community Outreach Ministry  [11207]
Community Tabernacle of Praise SDA Church  [11203]
Community Worship Center Church (Nazarene)  [11216]
Concord Baptist Church of Christ  [11216]
Coney Island Cathedral  [11224]
Coney Island Gospel Assembly  [11224]
Coney Island Hospital Musallah  [11235]
Coney Island Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11224]
Coney Island Russian Kingdom Hall  [11223]
Coney Island SDA Church  [11224]
Coney Island Tabernacle Apostolic Church of God  [11224]
Congregation & Talmud Torah Ahavath Achim  [11223]
Congregation Aaa Sfard  [11219]
Congregation Adas Yereim  [11211]
Congregation Adath Yeshuron of Flatbush  [11234]
Congregation Adzei Chaim of Siget  [11219]
Congregation Afsai Eratz Brezna  [11219]
Congregation Agudas Achim  [11230]
Congregation Agudath Israel  [11225]
Congregation Agudath Sholom of Flatbush  [11218]
Congregation Ahavas Moische/Itchkes Shteeble  [11203]
Congregation Ahavath Achim  [11236]
Congregation Ahruvath Achim  [11218]
Congregation Anshei Shalom Bucharan  [11218]
Congregation Avreichim Breslov  [11211]
Congregation B'Nai Avraham  [11201]
Congregation B'nai Israel  [11239]
Congregation B'nai Israel-Midwood  [11234]
Congregation B'Nai Jacob  [11215]
Congregation B'Nai Yosef  [11223]
Congregation Bais Medrach Averichim  [11230]
Congregation Bais Rivkah  [11225]
Congregation Bais Yosef Yitzchok  [11204]
Congregation Bath Chaim  [11218]
Congregation Beis Nuse  [11211]
Congregation Beit Hillel  [11234]
Congregation Beit Hillil  [11234]
Congregation Ben Eluzer  [11211]
Congregation Beth Aaron  [11211]
Congregation Beth Abraham  [11218]
Congregation Beth Aryah  [11234]
Congregation Beth El Flatbush  [11223]
Congregation Beth Elohim  [11215]
Congregation Beth Israel  [11219]
Congregation Beth Jacob Oher Shalom  [11211]
Congregation Beth Judah  [11234]
Congregation Beth Klonimus  [11211]
Congregation Beth Medrash Chemat  [11211]
Congregation Beth Medrash Govoah of Flatlands  [11230]
Congregation Beth Mordechai  [11230]
Congregation Beth Schnay-Or  [11230]
Congregation Beth Shalom of Kings Bay  [11235]
Congregation Beth Torah  [11230]
Congregation Beth Yehuda  [11204]
Congregation Beth Yosef  [11223]
Congregation Bhai Yosef  [11223]
Congregation Bnai Avraham-East  [11218]
Congregation Bnai Isaac  [11204]
Congregation Bnai Jacob  [11210]
Congregation Boruch Yoel  [11219]
Congregation Brei Avrahan  [11203]
Congregation Burch Taam  [11205]
Congregation Chasiday Square  [11218]
Congregation Chasidei Gur  [11230]
Congregation Chernobol  [11218]
Congregation Esthel Avrahan  [11230]
Congregation Etz Chaim  [11229]
Congregation Etz Chaim of Flatbush  [11229]
Congregation Har Halebanon  [11223]
Congregation Hisdchors Talmiday Wyantz  [11206]
Congregation Israel Kings Bay  [11235]
Congregation Kahal Beth  [11211]
Congregation Kahal Minchas  [11204]
Congregation Kahal Yerian  [11219]
Congregation Kehilas Yetev Lev D'Satmar  [11211]
Congregation Kehilath Yakov  [11219]
Congregation Khal Chasidei Skweva  [11219]
Congregation Khal Yesode Htoh  [11204]
Congregation Kol Eliyah  [11223]
Congregation Kol Torah  [11210]
Congregation Kor Baruch  [11219]
Congregation Lmaan Achai  [11218]
Congregation Lubavitch  [11213]
Congregation Lundy Torah  [11204]
Congregation Meohr Yisrael  [11204]
Congregation Minchas Eluzer Munkacs  [11219]
Congregation Mishkan Menachem  [11213]
Congregation Mishkan Yeshe  [11218]
Congregation Mozdos Toldos Ahana  [11205]
Congregation Nativut Israel  [11223]
Congregation of Emek Hatorah  [11223]
Congregation of Helmetz  [11211]
Congregation Ohal Shalom  [11219]
Congregation Ohel Moshe Chevra  [11230]
Congregation Ohel Moshe Chevra  [11230]
Congregation Ohel Torah Ateres Mordechai  [11230]
Congregation OHR Chodosh  [11206]
Congregation Orach Chaim Yetzei Ukraine  [11204]
Congregation Our Layeshurim  [11249]
Congregation Paile Yoetz  [11211]
Congregation Pri Eitz Chaim  [11229]
Congregation Rachmistrivka  [11219]
Congregation Shaarei Zion  [11219]
Congregation Shanah Halachos  [11204]
Congregation Sharie Torah  [11211]
Congregation Sheare Zion  [11234]
Congregation Shomeria Shabess Anhea Safard  [11219]
Congregation Shomrei Emunah  [11219]
Congregation Shoneh Halochos  [11204]
Congregation Sons of Israel  [11214]
Congregation Talmud Torah of Flatbush  [11230]
Congregation Tiferes Meshulam Oir Hachayim Tosh  [11211]
Congregation Tifereth Torah of Bensonhurst  [11214]
Congregation Toldos Avraham  [11211]
Congregation Vyeel Moshe  [11204]
Congregation Wosikin Hamezunim  [11219]
Congregation Yeshuvos Chaim  [11230]
Congregation Yesode Hetoveh  [11219]
Congregation Yetev Lev  [11211]
Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satmar  [11219]
Congregation Yetev Lev D'Stmr  [11211]
Congregation Yetev Lev Satmar Tehlias Joel  [11211]
Congregation Zichran Yehuda  [11205]
Congregation Zichron Menachen  [11211]
Congregation Zichron Rabbeinu Moshe Feinstein  [11234]
Consuming Fire Ministries International  [11236]
Cornerstone Baptist Church  [11221]
Cornerstone Church at Bay Ridge  [11209]
Cornerstone Pentecostal Church  [11212]
Cornerstone SDA Church  [11207]
Cortelyou Road Church of God  [11226]
Covenant Keepers Christian Center  [11212]
Crossroads Christian Center  [11207]
Crossroads Christian Church  [11209]
Crown Heights Church of God of Prophecy  [11203]
Crown Heights Gospel Church  [11233]
Crown Heights Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11213]
Crown Ministries  [11236]
Crusade Evangelique de Pecheurs d' Hommes (Disc)  [11210]
Cumberland Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11205]
Cuyler-Warren Street Community Church  [11217]
Cypress Hills Assembly of God  [11208]
Cypress Hills Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11207]
Cypress Hills Mandir  [11208]

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