Alphabetic Index of Congregations in Brooklyn

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Index Updated April 2, 2023

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Macedonia Church of Christ (Disc)  [11216]
Macedonia Church of the Nazarene  [11207]
Macedonia First Born Church  [11233]
Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church  [11216]
Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church  [11212]
Madine Muslim Community Center  [11220]
Madison Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11221]
Magen David Congregation  [11204]
Magen David Congregation  [11204]
Maha Tripura Sundari Mandir  [11236]
Mahanaim French SDA Church  [11216]
Majestic Heights SDA Church  [11238]
Mamre SDA Church  [11234]
Manahian Church of God  [11210]
Manhattan Beach Jewish Center  [11235]
Manifesting Jesus Ministries  [11221]
Maranatha French Speaking Assembly of God  [11226]
Maranatha French Speaking Assembly of God  [11203]
Maranatha SDA Church  [11203]
Marantha Baptist Church  [11212]
Marantha Church of God  [11212]
Marantha French Assembly of God  [11226]
Marcy Spanish Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11206]
Marine Park Jewish Center  [11234]
Mars Hill Deliverance Tabernacle  [11207]
Mary Queen of Heaven Roman Catholic Church  [11234]
Mary, Mother of the Church, Roman Catholic Church  [11208]
Masjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifah  [11216]
Masjid Abu Bakr El Seddique  [11230]
Masjid Al Arqam  [11235]
Masjid Al Ihsaan  [11213]
Masjid Al-Aman  [11208]
Masjid al-Badar  [11214]
Masjid Al-Farooq  [11217]
Masjid al-Huda  [11212]
Masjid Al-Imam Al-Albani  [11215]
Masjid Al-Taqwa  [11216]
Masjid Bab-Salam  [11224]
Masjid Dawood  [11201]
Masjid Ibadul-Rahman  [11205]
Masjid Nur Al Islam  [11218]
Masjid of the Crimean Turks of America  [11219]
Masjid Tawhid  [11221]
Masjid Ul Kawthar  [11216]
Masjid Ul-Ikhwa  [11213]
Masjid Ummul Qura  [11218]
Masjid Zawiyat Sof Watul Islam  [11238]
Mayan Yisrael  [11234]
McClinton Baptist Church  [11233]
McDonald Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11223]
Melchizedek House Prayer Spiritual Baptist Church  [11233]
Memorial Baptist Church  [11215]
Memorial Presbyterian Church  [11217]
Mennonite Evangelical Tabernacle  [11207]
Mercy Mission Gospel Church  [11226]
Merka Hasofrim  [11211]
Messiah Missionary Baptist Church  [11207]
Messiah's Covenant Community Church  [11229]
Metro Christian Center New York  [11206]
Metro City Church  [11220]
Metropolitan Baptist Church  [11233]
Metropolitan Baptist Church  [11214]
Metropolitan Christian Church  [11224]
Metropolitan New Revival Church  [11214]
Metropolitan Stars Church  [11216]
Midwood Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11203]
Midwood Russian Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11229]
Midwood Ward English Church Latter Day Saints  [11230]
Mikdash Eliyahu  [11223]
Mikvah Israel of Borough Park  [11204]
Mikvah Israel of Brighton Beach  [11235]
Mill Basin Creole Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11236]
Mill Basin Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11236]
Miller Evangelical Christian Union Church  [11225]
Ministerio Cruciendo En Gracia  [11206]
Ministry Center for Christian Fellowship  [11236]
Ministry of God Consciousness  [11216]
Ministry of Miracles Church  [11236]
Miracle Church of Christ  [11213]
Miracle Signs and Wonders  [11203]
Miracle Temple Church of God  [11234]
Miracle Temple Ministries  [11212]
Mision Asemblea Pentecostal  [11206]
Mision Cristiana Primera Resurreccion  [11212]
Mispah Assembly  [11212]
Mission Evangelique Baptiste Bethesda  [11236]
Mission Evangelique Le Cumbre  [11211]
Mission for Christ Church of God in Christ  [11233]
Mission For Today Holy Tabernacle  [11215]
Missionary Church of God  [11203]
More Grace Redemptive Center  [11226]
More Than Conquerors Outreach Ministry  [11213]
Moriah Assembly of God  [11218]
Morning Star Highway Church of Christ  [11221]
Mosaic Baptist Church  [11216]
Most Holy Trinity - St. Mary Roman Catholic Church  [11206]
Most Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church  [11214]
Mount Calvary Pentecostal Church of God  [11216]
Mount Calvary United Holy Church  [11238]
Mount of Olives SDA Church  [11221]
Mount Sinai French SDA Church  [11225]
Mountains of Fire and Miracles Ministries  [11212]
Mt. Ararat Missionary Baptist Church  [11233]
Mt. Ararat Spiritual House of Prayer  [11212]
Mt. Bethel Baptist Church  [11216]
Mt. Calvary Fire Baptized Holiness Church  [11206]
Mt. Calvary UFW Baptist Church  [11233]
Mt. Carmel AME Church  [11233]
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church  [11221]
Mt. Carmel Church of God in Christ  [11212]
Mt. Carmel Fire Baptized Holiness Church  [11208]
Mt. Carmel Spiritual Baptist Church  [11233]
Mt. Carmel Worship & Outreach Center  [11203]
Mt. Dew Baptist Church  [11212]
Mt. Hebron Church of Christ (Disc)  [11212]
Mt. Holiness Christian Outreach  [11221]
Mt. Hope Apostolic Church  [11247]
Mt. Hope Pilgrim Spiritual Baptist Church  [11216]
Mt. Hope Spiritual Baptist Church  [11203]
Mt. Horeb Spiritual Baptist Church  [11212]
Mt. Joy Baptist Church  [11216]
Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church  [11233]
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church  [11207]
Mt. Moriah Church of God in Christ  [11213]
Mt. Moriah Pentecostal Church of God  [11213]
Mt. Moriah Spiritual Church  [11225]
Mt. Nebo Baptist Church  [11208]
Mt. Nebo Zion Missionary Church  [11203]
Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ  [11207]
Mt. Olive Pentecostal Church of Faith  [11203]
Mt. Olive Temple of Deliverance Ministries  [11206]
Mt. Ollie Baptist Church  [11233]
Mt. Paran Baptist Church  [11207]
Mt. Paran Spiritual Baptist Church  [11212]
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church  [11216]
Mt. Pleasant Pentecostal Faith Church  [11216]
Mt. Sinai Baptist Church  [11238]
Mt. Sinai Church  [11233]
Mt. Sinai Church of God in Christ  [11233]
Mt. Sinai Church of God in Christ, #2  [11207]
Mt. Sinai Spiritual Church of God  [11221]
Mt. Sion Baptist Church  [11233]
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church  [11238]
Mt. Tabor Spiritual Baptist Church  [11212]
Mt. Zion Baptist Church  [11233]
Mt. Zion Baptist Church  [11214]
Mt. Zion Church of Christ (Disc)  [11206]
Mt. Zion Congregation Church  [11205]
Mt. Zion Pentecostal Holiness Church  [11233]
Mt. Zion Pentecostal Holy Church  [11206]
Mt. Zion Tabernacle Christian Mission of Panama  [11238]
Mt.Zion Church of God (7th Day)  [11203]
Muslim Community Center of Brooklyn  [11230]
Muslim Youth Center  [11214]
Mustard Seed Tabernacle of Praise  [11213]
Mystery Soul Saving Station  [11221]

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