Alphabetic Index of Congregations in Brooklyn

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Index Updated May 9, 2022

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Tabernacle Baptist Church  [11212]
Tabernacle Church in Christ Jesus  [11216]
Tabernacle Du Christ  [11226]
Tabernacle Free Church  [11238]
Tabernacle of Christ (Disc)  [11203]
Tabernacle of Deliverance  [11212]
Tabernacle of Deliverance Church of God in Christ  [11212]
Tabernacle of Praise  [11203]
Tabernacle of Testimony  [11207]
Tabernacle Outreach Ministries  [11237]
Tabernaculo De Alabanza Praise  [11237]
Tadaka V Chayim  [11203]
Talmud Torah Bnai Zion Dbobav  [11219]
Talmud Torah Bnei Simon Israel  [11249]
Talmud Torah of Flatbush  [11230]
Temple Ahareth Shalom of Flatbush  [11229]
Temple Arch Spiritual Baptist Church  [11207]
Temple Beth Abraham  [11224]
Temple Beth El Holy Church of the Living God  [11212]
Temple Beth El Manhattan Beach  [11235]
Temple Beth Eneth v'Ohr Progressive Shaari Zedek  [11226]
Temple Beth-El of Bensonhurst  [11223]
Temple Church Disciples of Christ  [11233]
Temple Emanu-El of Canarsie  [11236]
Temple Isaac  [11226]
Temple of Blessings Church of God in Christ  [11213]
Temple of Deliverance Baptist Church  [11233]
Temple of Truth Church of Christ  [11217]
Temple Royale Pentecostal Church  [11212]
Temple Sholom of Flatbush  [11234]
Thank You Jesus Church  [11216]
Thayba Islamic Center  [11223]
Thee Church in Thee Lord J.C. Apostolic Faith  [11207]
Theophile Church Inc.  [11212]
Thessalonia Baptist Church  [11212]
Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church  [11229]
Tian Fu United Methodist Church  [11220]
Tiberia Baptist Church  [11208]
Tilden Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11226]
Times Plaza Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11217]
Timothy Baptist Church  [11221]
Tingman's Tabernacle of Deliverance  [11233]
Tompkins Spanish Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses  [11206]
Torah Israel Sephardic Congregation  [11235]
Torah Vyivah  [11211]
Torath Israel Sephardic Congregation  [11235]
Total Victory Church  [11216]
Transfiguration Church (Russian)  [11224]
Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church  [11211]
Tree of Life Church  [11226]
Tri-State Islamic Center  [11210]
Trinity Baptist Church  [11216]
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church  [11218]
Trinity Holy Church  [11238]
Trinity Korean Methodist Church of New York  [11223]
Trinity Lutheran Church  [11220]
Trinity Lutheran Church  [11209]
Trinity Methodist Church  [11213]
Trinity New Testament Assembly  [11210]
Trinity Pentecostal Deliverance Tabernacle  [11216]
Trinity SDA Church  [11226]
Trinity Spiritual Baptist Association  [11203]
Trinity Tabernacle of Gravesend  [11223]
Trinity Tabernacle Pent Holiness Church  [11221]
Trinity Temple Baptist Church  [11221]
Trinity Temple Holy Church  [11213]
Trinity Temple United Holy Church  [11213]
Trinity Zion Pentecostal Church  [11216]
Triumphant Apostolic Church Inc.  [11233]
Triumphant Church of God  [11212]
Triumphant Church of Jesus Christ  [11212]
Triumphant Deliverance Church of God  [11203]
Triumphant Full Gospel Assembly  [11203]
True Light Bible Church of God  [11233]
True Praise Worship Center  [11208]
True Vine Tabernacle of God  [11207]
True Worship Center  [11208]
Truth Center  [11213]
Truth Center for Higher Consciousness  [11203]
Truth Center of Divine Awareness  [11233]
Truth Temple Church of God in Christ  [11233]
Turkish American Eyup Sultan Islamic Center  [11235]
Twenty-Third Psalm Baptist Church  [11207]

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